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The PCMI Difference

There are many reasons why organizations choose PCMI, including our 20+ years of exemplary service to those in the helping professions. Ultimately, however, organizations stay with PCMI for our commitment and skills in helping them succeed.

We give you choices

  • Solutions based on your unique needs.
  • Designed to be flexible and responsive, PCMI is free to seek out the best possible options to provide you with solutions that best meet your unique needs.

We deliver superior service and support

  • With  over 20 years of experience in working with other non-profits, we've learned to provide the kind of service and support that makes a real difference.
  • Our extensive network of trainers and consultants have been selected because of their expertise and skills in specific areas.
  • We'll develop a true understanding of your operations before making suggestions about possible solutions.

We offer flexible financing options

  • Receiving no state or federal grants, we are free to negotiate fees and payments that meet your needs and fiscal limitations.
  • PCMI is dedicated to providing quality programs, services and products to help other non-profits achieve their missions.

PCMI is committed to providing you the effortless way to cost effectively address your organizational development needs including professional development training, planning, needs assessments, organizational culture, team building, customer services, and quality assurance.


Effective - Flexible - Cost Effective

PCMI works with you to make sure the training does what you need it to. With almost 20 years of experience, we know how to create and deliver programs that meet your needs. With PCMI programs you can target the information, skills, and commitment your people need to perform successfully. And since we are a non-profit organization, we can work with you to keep the costs within your budget.


Targeted - Efficient - Professional

PCMI has worked with a large number of agencies and organizations over the years. We've developed a reputation for facilitating growth, development, and success. From solving problems, managing organizational culture, to planning for the future, PCMI helps you move your organization forward.



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